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Tobi Bakre on transiting from BBNaija to debut lead role, fatherhood

Tobi Bakre on transiting from BBNaija to debut lead role, fatherhood

Not winning the much coveted N45 million grand prize did very little to deter the former Banker, who has since begun building an enviable entertainment career. Last year, after multiple supporting roles in TV and film, Bakre landed his debut lead role in Greoh Studio’s ‘Gangs of Lagos‘ and followed closely with another lead role in ‘Brotherhood,’ another Greoh production.

“So far in my acting career, I will say this is THAT movie. A movie of many things to me. It holds many sentiments. It’s my first LEAD ROLE as an actor. It’s the first time anybody was going to trust me to deliver on what I will call a big stage which has now become a global stage,” Bakre said on starring in ‘Gangs of Lagos’ in a recent interview.

“It was the first time in a long time I really feel like I impressed myself and impressed everyone that has come across this project. The movie will mean a lot to the Nigerian movie industry, and to have played lead on such along with the most amazing actors you can only dream of working with, I can only tell you God indeed works in miraculous ways. Being given such an opportunity and possibly delivering beyond expectations. I just keep saying, God you did that!”

Months after filming his debut lead role, Bakre returned to set to star alongside rapper, Falz in another action drama ‘Brotherhood.’ According to the movie star, he underwent a number of physical changes to play a hoodlum character nicknamed Kalashnikov.

“I played the role Akin Adetula aka Kalashnikov (One of the brothers). Based on what myself and the producer Jade had discussed which also was the vision of the Director- Loukman, we wanted a totally different look and feel for the character, and I was willing to go all the way. I changed my diet, changed my workout, shaved my head, pierced my ears to look like the character we all envisaged. I loved it. Getting into character wasn’t too much of a hassle, the story, the stage design, my look, it made it easier to stay locked into the character.”

With his filmmaking career well underway, the new dad admits he is grateful for the doors that the reality show kicked open for him. “BBN helped me break from the corporate life to the media side of life,” the actor said.

“After the show, most of the opportunities that came along with the popularity the show brought were all in the media space. I was open to trying out new things and then stick to the things I enjoyed that also brought good income.

“The show gave me the popularity in the media space and also public popularity producers could leverage on to further push their projects hence, there was room for a tradeoff (media publicity for what you see is what you get kind of acting), which I took advantage of to learn and eventually show the world I could really do this.”

Greoh Studios’ ‘Brotherhood‘ hits cinemas on September 23, 2022, while ‘Gangs of Lagos‘ is slated to launch on Amazon Prime Video as the streamer’s first Nigerian Original.

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