Wednesday , June 7 2023
Toke Makinwa slams Nigerians who bully online and claim to be different from street thugs

Toke Makinwa slams Nigerians who bully online and claim to be different from street thugs

In a recent Instagram post, Makinwa highlighted the difference between street violence and online bullying, stating that they are the same and the only difference is education. She called out those who engage in online harassment and abuse, particularly in the political sphere, while condemning street thugs for their violent behavior.

Makinwa emphasized that while street violence is a serious issue that needs to be addressed, it is equally important to recognize the harm caused by online bullying and harassment. She expressed her disappointment at the level of hypocrisy displayed by some Nigerians who engage in online abuse while claiming to be different from street thugs.

The past election weekend has been a wild one in Nigeria and through it all, one thing stood out for me. The problem of Nigeria is not bad leadership but the people. You see the leaders we complain about were once like you and I. We all need to do better. (Myself included).

From bullying people who stayed quiet for reasons only known to them (they don’t owe you anything), to bullying those who spoke but didn’t say what you wanted to hear, then the drama online from some public figures to the countless Instagram lives and the need to fight everyone who didn’t support your choice of candidate, what exactly is the problem???? The real enemy is Poverty, corruption, tribalism and Hate. Why are we bent on pulling each other down???

How can I forget the group of people who didn’t vote but contributed from the comfort of their homes pressing phones, and of course the “fake” woke group who suddenly became prophets, scholars and historians, phewwww! We want better, we need to do better simple. You don’t have to understand anyone’s choice of candidate but you must respect their “choice”. If you cannot make your point without insulting anyone then simply keep quiet and you cannot force anyone to share your opinion too.

You can disagree with someone without hurling insults and threats at them, let’s try healthy ways of communicate going forward. Vote your vote and focus on your focus. There is really no difference between you and the thugs at polling units, just data and education as Darey put it. We can all do better and the new Nigeria you desire starts with you.”

As the country grapples with the aftermath of the elections, Makinwa’s message serves as a reminder that online behavior can have serious consequences and that individuals should be mindful of the impact of their words and actions.

Though many fans aren’t seeing it as such, rather many have called out for her to stop sitting on the fence and declare her support for Bola Tinubu, who won the election and has been labelled as the mastermind behind all violent displays on election day.

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