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Top 10 movies of 2021

Top 10 movies of 2021

For this list, we will be considering the top 10 movies that will come to mind when reminiscing 2021. These films made the theatres our second Home and continuously caused us to renew streaming subscriptions. In addition, these titles are rated on critical acclaim, impressive box office success, memorable storyline, top-notch directing, impeccable acting performance and pop culture impact.

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Tick, Tick… BOOM!: Lin Manuel Miranda’s debut directorial outing garnered academy nods for outstanding performances from its lead actor in a musical. Andrew Garfield plays an aspiring artist conflicted with chasing unrealistic ambition and settling with a harsh reality.

MASS: In an era of progressive technical and cultural evolution, MASS is a film that is as simple as it can be. In this somber drama, Four parents take us through what you would assume is a nightmare but is actually their reality.

The Power of The Dog: This slow-burn drama reveals Benedict Cumberbatch’s acting range. The Marvel sorcerer portrays Phil, a ranchman with multiple repressed traits beneath a cold exterior. This western movie excels at landscape cinematography, intrusive score and the strength of its supporting cast, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Kirsten Dunst, and Jesse Plemons, in a mind-bending storyline.

The Harder they fall: Starring Idris Elba, Regina King, The Harder They Fall is a revisionist western flick packed with intense kinetic power that reignites the appeal of cowboy adventures in modern television especially now involving people of colour.

King Richard: Will Smith delivered a career-best performance in decades of decent filmography. This inspirational biopic of two tennis legends, Serena and Venus Williams, tells a story of determination against all gender and racial odds and parental sacrifice.

Mitchell versus the machines: Considering Disney’s Raya and The Last Dragon, or Pixar’s Luca, 2021 was a dazzling year for animation. Nonetheless, no animated picture topped Michael Rianda’s family-centric dramedy regarding the exhilarating story material and cutting-edge visuals that begged multiple viewing.

CODA: In simple words, CODA, an abbreviation for ‘Child of Deaf adults’, is storytelling at its finest. The plot follows Ruby, the only hearing child of her deaf family. Ruby has a fantastic voice and wants to be a singer. Yet, she is forced to support her deaf family in running its small-town fishery business while pursuing her music ambitions all the way to Berkeley. CODA highlights the ‘hard of hearing’ community rarely showcased on television, that during and after its runtime, this film compels the audience to begin listening not with our ears alone but with our hearts.

Dune: Dune’s stunning imagery, coupled with detailed worldbuilding, and skin chilling musical score from Hans Zimmer, is so immersive that its viewers are wholly reeled into its dystopian universe. With a star cast, Dennis Villeneuve re-adaptation of the timeless franchise takes us through time and space containing limitless possibilities as heroes and foes battle for fate and destiny.

Spider-Man: No Way Home: Marvel churned out a lot of movies and mini-series this year, from LOKI to Black Widow, but the climax of the MCU’s success was the conclusion to Tom Holland’s epic trilogy with No way Home. Not only did this film live up to its hype, but it also exceeded expectations. Directed by Jon Watts, No Way Home is packed with glorious comic book action and heartwarming fan service that got us punching the air in the theatres. But aside from its daring performance significant to every spider-man movie, what makes this instalment a huge winner among fans and critics is the highly anticipated assemble of Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s web-heads. A move that sums up our entire childhood in one moment. One will see No Way Home regarded as one of the best live-action adaptations of Stan Lee’s titular character decades to come.

Belfast: Belfast is a film dedicated to upbringing, immigration, and family. It is a heart-warming memoir dedicated to those who leave, those who stay, those who are lost, and those who return.

In Black and White cinematography, writer and director Kenneth Branagh incorporates elements of his boyhood growing up in the tumult of England’s late 1960s within this extraordinary film. Eleven-year-old actor Jude Hill makes an outstanding debut performance as Buddy; A bright mind who must maintain his childhood wonder amidst great uncertainty. This coming-of-age drama keeps its feel-good aura with a cheerful soundtrack by Van Morrison and optimistic dialogues that serves as a reassuring love letter to the blameless child that is still in us.

Do you agree with this list? What was your favorite movie of 2021?

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