Saturday , April 1 2023

Trump Allies Sabotage Him By Releasing Letter Showing He Has No Classified Docs Executive Privilege

Trump ally John Solomon released a letter from the National Archives that confirms that Trump has no executive privilege over classified documents.

The National Archives wrote to Trump:

Because an assertion of executive privilege against the incumbent President under these circumstances would not be viable, it follows that there is no basis for the former President to make a “protective assertion of executive privilege,” which the Assistant Attorney General informs me has never been made outside the context of a congressional demand for information from the Executive Branch.

Even assuming for the sake of argument that a former President may under some circumstances make such a “protective assertion of executive privilege” to preclude the Archivist from complying with a disclosure otherwise prescribed by 44 U.S.C. § 2205(2), there is no predicate for such a “protective” assertion here, where there is no realistic basis that the requested delay would result in a viable assertion of executive privilege against the incumbent President that would prevent disclosure of records for the purposes of the reviews described above. Accordingly, the only end that would be served by upholding the “protective” assertion here would be to delay those very important reviews.

I have therefore decided not to honor the former President’s “protective” claim of privilege. 

The contents of the letter have been verified as accurate by a third party.

The Letter Wrecks Trump’s Claim Of Executive Privilege

Trump recently filed a lawsuit claiming that he has executive privilege over the documents, but as the letter released by his own allies reveals, there is no executive privilege. Trump can’t as an ex-president assert executive privilege over the executive branch of the government and the current President.

The Trump allies think that this letter helps Trump when it vaporizes his defense. The letter also makes it clear that Biden had nothing to do with the Trump search. The decision was made by the Department of Justice.

Documents continue to be released that sabotage Trump’s defense. The letter boosts the government’s case and makes Trump look guilty.

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