Monday , January 30 2023
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Trump Loses Critical Immunity Ruling: Must Face January 6th Suits

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Trump tried to get out of the January 6th suits against him by saying he was performing presidential duties in protecting the constitution. It didn’t work.

Judges have unqualified immunity in doing their job as a judge. A judge simply cannot be sued, even if he or she wrongly sentences a person to 20 years when the maximum is two. There are other remedies, but one cannot sue the judge. If the judge gets in her car and runs a stop sign, and hits someone, the judge can be sued because she was a driver and not performing judicial duties. If the judge gave the person 20 years instead of two because the judge was paid $250K by a mob boss, she could be sued. She wasn’t a judge, she was a conspirator.

It is the same way with the presidency.

From Bloomberg:

Donald Trump can’t claim presidential immunity to avoid a lawsuit that accuses him of civil rights violations in his efforts to undermine the results of the 2020 election, a federal judge ruled Monday.

Trump had argued that he was “absolutely immune” from damages for actions within the “outer perimeter” of his official duties as president, and that his post-election activities in 2020 were part of an effort to protect and defend the Constitution.

But US District Judge Emmet Sullivan in Washington agreed with the challengers — the NAACP and Michigan voters and advocates — that Trump’s conduct was “purely political,” according to the ruling.

The evidence almost has to be overwhelming to get past the immunity clause within work that goes on in the White House and involves politics. But if there is one thing we know from the Special Committee, the evidence is overwhelming. The attorneys for the plaintiffs would have access to that same evidence. Despite being called “Mr. President” and acting like the petulant president of everyone, Trump was running stop signs and hitting every car on the road… while being a mob boss.


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