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UAE's top healthcare provider, Burjeel Medical City, focuses on Nigeria for collaborative opportunities and medical tourism

UAE’s top healthcare provider, Burjeel Medical City, focuses on Nigeria for collaborative opportunities and medical tourism

They intend to partner with Nigerian hospitals by becoming the on-call emergency medical tourism option.

Many Nigerians intent on quality healthcare have to travel to countries like the United Kingdom, or the United States. However, getting a visa to these countries may be difficult, not to mention it is incredibly expensive and unaffordable.

Nigerians also go to countries like Turkey despite its political instability and even India.

Meanwhile, every year, thousands of Nigerians go to the United Arab Emirates for vacation because the flight tickets are relatively cheap, and it’s only seven hours away from Nigeria. Since it is easily accessible, shouldn’t Nigerians travel to the UAE to take care of their health?

Burjeel Medical City international patients receive only the best treatment. They coordinate personal, travel and cultural needs, assist in patient registration and admission, make transport and lodging arrangements, help with documentations like visa and embassy correspondence and provide language interpreters.

Established in 2020, Burjeel Medical City is a super tertiary care hospital under VPS healthcare which is one of the UAE’s largest healthcare groups and integrated healthcare service providers with 24 operational hospitals and more than 125 health centres.

The 1.2 million square foot hospital offers comprehensive cancer care that includes medical, surgical, and radiation oncology specialities to treat a range of cancer including pediatric cancer as well as 24-hour pediatric and neonatal care, adult emergency care, haematology, and laboratory services.

They provide comprehensive bone marrow transplantation to treat blood disorders in both adults and children. They boast of the first comprehensive foetal medical centre in the UAE and a research centre to improve clinical outcomes, especially for children with rare diseases like thalassemia.

When it comes to cancer treatment, Burjeel is at the fore. The modern equipment and experienced doctors at the hospital make early diagnosis and treatment possible.

The centre has cutting-edge technology like the intraoperative MRI for cranial and spine tumour resection to detect and confirm tumours and Savi Scout, a technology used to treat breast cancer by removing the affected tissue and many other world-class technologies.

To facilitate access to this technology by Nigerians, a delegation from the Burjeel Medical City, Hamad Ahmed AI Hosani, Rahul Shukl, Kafeel Abdul Azeem, and Paul Ojeriakhi had extensive meetings with various health stakeholders in Nigeria.

They visited the Director General of the Chamber of commerce, Chinyere Almona: Lagos State Minister of Health, Akin Abayomi, and a meeting with the consulate general of Abu Dhabi, H.E Abdulla Almandoos to discuss collaborative opportunities and bringing this world-class medical care to Nigeria.

Many Nigerians who have visited the centre have amazing testimonies. Ogechukwu, a Nigerian who has received treatment in the centre had this to say:

“They are quite professional in their job. I came here with an open mind, but they have shown me that they are good professionals in the medical field.

“I had a lot of help and assistance from the doctor, nurses, and international rep who was able to take me around and help locate venues that I wanted to see and the various specialists that were required…it was stress-free for me.

“I came here with a medical diagnosis but coming here and meeting their specialist and consultants who also had to look and give their diagnosis which was helpful, I started my treatment and now I am okay because their services were prompt. The result came out on time and I commenced my treatment immediately.”

Fisayo also went to Burjeel medical city because her mother was sick and she testifies of the warmth and hospitality of the staff; “They took such good care of my mom like family. The hospital had a variety of clinics, it was dad had to do some tests which we had not intended to do but when we saw the facilities we decided that it was nice for him to do it there.

“There are doctors from different countries all over the world. They have American doctors, and British doctors and they even have a Nigerian doctor that we met. The diversity and the whole cultural mix is a great mix..”

The ease, comfort and competence of Burjeel Medical City and the collaborative effort of the Nigerian government and private hospitals will make access to world-class health technology easily available to Nigerians.

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