Unveiling the NEW Polo Oud Eau de Parfum: A voyage of intrigue and opulence

Unveiling the NEW Polo Oud Eau de Parfum: A voyage of intrigue and opulence

Building upon the legacy of Ralph Lauren Fashion since 1967 and the creation of the 1st fragrance, the iconic Polo Classic introduced in 1978, The New Polo Oud embodies the essence of sophistication and mystery, crafting an olfactory experience that is both opulent and distinctive.

The NEW Polo Oud Eau de Parfum invites you to immerse yourself in a journey of intrigue and allure. Polo OUD combines the depth and richness of a rose with the freshness of an orange flower to reveal this precious oud with elegant nuance and texture.

At the heart of Polo Oud’s creation lies the collaborative brilliance of two renowned master perfumers: Carlos Benaim, the creator of Polo Blue and Polo Deep Blue Parfum, and Pascal Gaurin, the visionary behind Eternity for Men Eau de Parfum by Calvin Klein. Their combined expertise has resulted in a fragrance that transcends boundaries and resonates with connoisseurs of luxury worldwide.

The NEW Polo Oud’s captivating journey unfolds with its distinct composition of notes:

TOP NOTES: Pink Pepper Oil, Clary Sage Absolute

HEART NOTES: Cinnamon Oil, Orange Flower Absolute, Rose Absolute Heart

BASE NOTES: Patchouli Oil, Guaiac Wood Oil, Vetiver Oil, Oud Wood Oil, Incense Resinoid

This harmonious blend dances upon the skin, creating an entrancing trail that lingers long after the initial encounter. The top notes exude an invigorating aura, while the heart notes infuse warmth and elegance. Finally, the base notes leave an intoxicating and sensual signature, a testament to the depth of The NEW Polo Oud’s character.

A New Chapter in the World of Polo Family

The launch of The NEW Polo Oud Eau de Parfum signifies not only an extension of the World of Polo Family but also an entry into new horizons. This fragrance establishes a prominent presence within niche markets, solidifying Ralph Lauren Fragrances’ credibility within the realm of luxurious perfumery.

As a testament to its global reach and resonance, The Polo Family welcomes its First-ever African as Face of The World of Polo Franchise, the distinguished Nigerian singer-songwriter, CKAY. His association with The NEW Polo Oud reflects the brand’s commitment to diversity and representation, bridging cultures through the universal language of fragrance. For CKAY, POLO OUD is “PURELY LUXURY, a ROBUST BLEND OF SENSUAL OUD OIL, MYSTERIOUS, RICH, AND INTOXICATING.”

The sleek, 125ml bottle is a symbol of understated elegance, adorned with subtle detailing that reflects the spirit of Polo. The packaging captures the essence of the fragrance, with its cool gold-toned cap ​accentuating the dark bottle, and its dark emerald glass bottle inviting you to embrace the captivating world of Polo Oud. The NEW Polo Oud Eau de Parfum will be available at select retailers starting end of September 2023 at €109.


In 1978, Ralph Lauren expanded its lifestyle brand to encompass the world of fragrance, launching Lauren for women and Polo for men. For more than 40 years Ralph Lauren Fragrances has developed best-selling fragrances that express a distinct personality and luxury lifestyle in line with the Ralph Lauren tradition. Today, the brand’s portfolio spans Ralph Lauren and Polo fragrances, including Ralph Lauren Romance, Ralph’s Club, World of Polo family with Polo Blue, Polo Red and Polo EDT.

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