Thursday , March 23 2023
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Update: Man, 84, who illegally received 11 doses of Covid vaccine, says he’ll kill himself if police prosecute him as he goes on the run

Update: Man, 84, who illegally received 11 doses of Covid vaccine, says he

A man in India who illegally had 11 Covid-19 jabs in less than a year has threatened to kill himself if police prosecute him. 


Brahamdev Mandal has gone into hiding in a bid to avoid charges of misleading the health department, with police now conducting raids in the country to arrest the 84-year-old.


The serial-vaxxer was able to sign up for extra jabs by using different people’s IDs and lying to health officials.


On Sunday January 9, police showed up at his home in Bihar’s Madhepura District and since then his phone had been switched off.  


Mr. Mandal has asked the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi to clear him of the charges.


The wife of Mr. Mandal, Nirmala Devi, has accused the police of harassing her and defended her husband. She told TOI that her husband was suffering from various diseases and difficulties to stand or walk, but after taking the shots he became cured.  


The 84-year-old had the 11 vaccines in just 11 months and even had two within half an hour of each other on the same day.  


He said he wanted to feel stronger during the pandemic, and claimed the multiple jabs rid him of his joint pain he has had for eight years.


Two doses of Covid-19 vaccines are required for adults in most countries to be considered ‘fully vaccinated,’ with a third ‘booster’ jab becoming more common in order to enhance immunity. 


However, eleven doses are not recommended by health bodies.


Mr. Mandal, a former postman, has been accused of a string of offences by police in the village of Orai, in Bihar, India where he lives.


Officials have launched an investigation into how he was able to abuse the system. 


Amongst his jabs, Mandal got two vaccines inside 30 minutes on the same day at Puraini health facility on April 13 last year.


Update: Man, 84, who illegally received 11 doses of Covid vaccine, says he


Mr. Mandal bragged: ‘I have taken vaccines and I recommend everyone to take them.


‘It’s quite beneficial. The government has taken an incredible step, as it helps back pains too, you should take it.


‘My oxygen level has improved and I haven’t caught a cold since getting a jab.’


He claimed he got nine of the jabs using his own ID card.


Speaking to the BBC, Mr. Mandal said he travelled to various vaccination camps across the Madhepura district and even to at least two neighbouring districts.


Station house officer Das said: ‘Mandal has taken 11 vaccines at different dates using different identity cards lying to the health officials.


‘This act is a violation of the Covid-19 vaccination rule. He has taken vaccines between February 13, 2021, to January 4, 2022.’


One medic said: ‘This is a massive loophole when it comes to the surveillance system. We need to plug in such loopholes.’

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