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WATCH: Aaron Rodgers Already Getting Comfortable In NYC

It took Aaron Rodgers a while to arrive in New York City and become a member of the Jets. But now that he has, he’s wasted no time getting to work and getting to know the city.

The trade saga between the Jets and the Packers lasted for the better part of six weeks, and we were unsure if the Rodgers deal would ever happen. This came on the tail end of rumors flying for the last couple of years that the MVP quarterback could be leaving the team that he spent 18 years with, making the conclusion of the story almost a relief.

Aaron Rodgers Attends Knicks And Rangers Games

In his introductory press conference, Rodgers said that he was going to get to work as soon as possible, and that wound up being true. Within 72 hours of the trade being processed, Rodgers was at the Jets facility, throwing passes to former (and again current) teammate Allen Lazard.

It seems that the two are enjoying the start of their time in the Big Apple outside of football, too.

The duo was inside of Madison Square Garden on Saturday night and enjoying some playoff hockey. The Rangers defeated the Devils to tie their series at 3 games apiece, and Rodgers and Lazard were in great spirits watching their new hometown team.

Lazard posted the video to his Instagram account. And while it is hard to tell due to the camera movement, but that looks a lot like Neil Degrasse Tyson behind them.

Rodgers was back in the building just a few hours later, watching the first game of the second round series between the Knicks and Heat.

There aren’t any other professional sports teams in Green Bay, and rooting for the Milwaukee Bucks and Brewers were pretty much the only options for Packers players in the off-season.

There are high hopes for Aaron Rodgers in New York. The Jets currently hold the designation of being the team with the longest playoff drought in North American sports, and they had one of the most talented young rosters in the league last season. What was missing last year was a consistent, veteran presence at quarterback, and Rodgers brings just that to a team that is ready to win.

There are still more than 130 days until the start of the NFL season, but we’ll hear plenty more from and about Aaron Rodgers between now and then.

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