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WATCH: Jimmy Garoppolo Thinks ‘Tuck Rule’ Was A Fumble

Jimmy Garoppolo is the newest member of the Las Vegas Raiders, and he took a tour around the team’s facilities earlier this week, soaking in his new surroundings.

Garoppolo will presumably take over as the starting quarterback for the Raiders after the position was manned for the last 9 years by Derek Carr. He will be leaving a messy QB situation in San Francisco, ready for a fresh start with a team that was in need of a veteran pass thrower.

WATCH: Jimmy Garoppolo — Tuck Rule “Was A Fumble”

It feels like forever ago that the New England Patriots traded Garoppolo to the 49ers. It was thought that he would be the eventual successor to Tom Brady, but the greatest of all time simply kept playing, and the Patriots looked for value in return for Garoppolo.

But it has become apparent that Jimmy G has lost some of the “Patriot Way” over the years, as evidenced by his comments during his tour on Wednesday.

There was a point during the day when Garoppolo and the ensemble following him passed by an artists’ rendition of one of the most famous plays in Raiders and NFL history.

It was a painting of the Tuck Rule, the infamous play that changed the path of two franchises forever. Charles Woodson’s hit on Brady was ruled an incomplete pass instead of a fumble, robbing the Raiders of a Super Bowl appearance, and kick-starting the dynasty that the Patriots would have for the better part of two decades.

Garoppolo Says All The Right Things In His Tour Of Facility

Garoppolo said all the right words when looking at the painting.

“It was a fumble. It was a fumble.”

The Tuck Rule exists no more. In fact, it only existed for three years before it nabbed the Raiders. Had the game happened in 1998, the Raiders might be Super Bowl champions instead. The rule was abolished in 2013, with a vote of 29-1 by NFL owners. One of the two teams to abstain from voting were the New England Patriots.

Jimmy Garoppolo figures to be the starter in Las Vegas, but the Raiders hold the 7th overall pick in the upcoming draft. There are rumblings that they could select a pass thrower in a quarterback hungry draft, but Garoppolo is on a 3-year deal worth over $70 million. Having a young and inexpensive QB constantly threatening his job might not be what the team is looking, but the Raiders have certainly surprised us in the past.

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