Tuesday , March 28 2023
Watch Stella Damasus' heart wrenching 'In The Chair' monologue on sexual abuse

Watch Stella Damasus’ heart wrenching ‘In The Chair’ monologue on sexual abuse

The unnamed character narrates her long and grueling tale of sexual abuse at the hands of the trusted people in her life.

‘Be A Good Girl’ opens with the actor painfully recounting her character’s first abuse.

“Come on, be a good girl! The first time I heard the phrase ‘be a good girl’, I was only seven,” Damasus narrates in the touching piece. “My parents worked crazy hours so Aunty Rachael, my cousin would pick me up after school and I’d stay at her house.”

On the inspiration behind the series, the ‘Gone’ star shared on YouTube: “‘Be A Good Girl’ is the first video of the ‘In The Chair Series.’ This performance is dedicated to all the victims of abuse who have been silenced. We see you. We hear you. We will continue to fight with you and for you.”

Interestingly, the monologue foreshadows Damasus’ character in ‘Akwụna’, a short film she shot last September. The Oluyinka Davids directed film revolves around a Nigerian immigrant who turns to prostitution following a tragic experience.

Recall that Damasus expressed delight over the daring role in a chat with Pulse. “It’s a new chapter in my life, and with newness, comes the boldness and desire to take more risks and challenges in my career and life in general,” the actress said.

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