What is Mewing: The TikTok trend that helps you improve your jawline

What is Mewing: The TikTok trend that helps you improve your jawline

Does mewing work? Here’s what we know

Having the perfect face (and jawline) requires much sacrifice if nature isn’t already kind to you. This brings us to today’s trend focus – mewing.

Mewing is a technique that TikTokers say will help achieve a better-defined jawline. If you’re one of those people who struggle to find the right facial angles when taking selfies, there’s the belief that mewing might help solve that problem.

The whole tongue should be resting on the roof of the mouth, sitting between the molars.

The advice is to keep the tongue in this position whenever the mouth is closed until it becomes a normal resting position.

If holding the tongue in this position is new to people, they may find it tiring at first. Apparently, a person should feel mild pressure across the middle of their face, jaw, and chin if they are mewing correctly.

Anecdotal benefits of mewing include:

First things first, Mewing is not scientifically proven and may or may not provide the desired results. Many proponents of Mewing are young TikTok users who have no expert knowledge on the topic.

That said, some mewers say they began to see results with months of mewing while others have agreed it took years to accomplish their desired look.

There is still no evidence to support mewing as an alternative therapy to jaw surgery or other scientifically backed face shaping methods.

In conclusion, age and body weight will continue to be contributing factors to one’s facial appearance. It’s best to consult your doctor to advise on the best steps to take to achieve your desired results.

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