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What your daily skincare routine should include

What your daily skincare routine should include

Cleanser: washing your face is the most basic and essential step in any skincare routine. The skin comes in contact with dirt and pollutants every day and they should be gently removed. Wash your face twice a day; in the morning and at night to avoid clogged pores, dullness, and acne. You could wash with a gentle cleanser. Use an exfoliating scrub once a week.

Moisturizer: moisturizing helps to protect your skin from dryness by keeping it hydrated. It will prevent the skin from feeling tight and dry. Moisturizing leaves the skin feeling supple and plump.

Sunscreen: Applying sunscreen is very essential for all skin types. You can as well not do any of the above if you will not protect your skin from the sun. Smooth on a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen as the final step in your morning routine. The sun is the number one reason people’s skin age prematurely. Always protect your skin from the sun, even if you are staying indoors all day.

Your night time routine is slightly different from the morning routine and it’s the best time to make sure your skin gets as many nutrients as possible and make your skin regenerate and repair itself while you sleep. Your nighttime routine should include

Cleanser: remove the day’s makeup and grime. First, remove your makeup with makeup remover then wash with your face cleanser while gently massaging.

Treatment: the night is an ideal time to use the products with active ingredients that work to remove dead skin cells. Sleep while your skin repairs itself. If you are treating acne, apply the treatment at this time.

Moisturizer: moisturizing is also very important at night. It helps to seal in the active ingredients applied to the skin while also keeping it hydrated overnight. You do not need to apply your sunscreen at night.

Remember, less is more. Your skin does not need to be overloaded with too many products. A basic skincare routine, if you stick to it religiously, will give you just the result you want.

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