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'Whispers' Of Hillary Clinton In 2024 Begin, With Former Campaign Strategist Saying It's A Bad Idea

‘Whispers’ Of Hillary Clinton In 2024 Begin, With Former Campaign Strategist Saying It’s A Bad Idea

CNN published a column using the Supreme Court’s recent abortion ruling to tout “whispers” of Hillary Clinton running for president again in 2024.

Chris Cillizza published a round-up of some of the “whispers” he’s encountered, including his own.

Liberal pundit Juan Williams, for example, suggests Clinton is “exactly the right person” to lead the Democrats.

“Clinton is exactly the right person to put steel in the Democrats’ spine and bring attention to the reality that ‘ultra-MAGA’ Republicans, as President Biden calls them, are tearing apart the nation,” Williams recently wrote.

But Williams was referencing her leadership to help the party in the midterms.

Cillizza’s other ‘whisper’ comes from a conservative writer who declared of Clinton: “Now is her moment.”

The CNN editor-at-large provided his own take, suggesting a 2024 campaign, should Biden bow out, “would be something that would be hard for Clinton to not at least look at.”

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Hillary Clinton 2024? Former Campaign Strategist Says It’s Not a Good Idea

When reviewing the CNN column, there really aren’t many ‘whispers’ at all.

Mark Penn thinks that’s a good thing.

Penn, who served as Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign chief strategist in 2008, told Fox News another presidential campaign wouldn’t be a great idea.

“I don’t think the country wants to go back to candidates who have run before, whether that is Hillary, Biden, or Trump. Clinton’s national ratings are below Trump’s at this point,” Penn said.

A YouGov poll from the first quarter of 2022 gives Hillary Clinton a 36% favorability rating, which is indeed below the 40% former President Trump receives from FiveThirtyEight.

It also sits below that of President Biden, though both gentlemen have higher disapproval numbers than Clinton.

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Out of the Question

While Cillizza’s ‘whispers’ column is a thinly-veiled contrivance of his own personal wish for Hillary Clinton to run in 2024, the former Secretary of State has addressed the speculation.

“What I can imagine is staying as active and as outspoken as I can,” she said in an interview with CBS News.

And while having to hear her speak out is a harrowing prospect in and of itself, Hillary has been equally as cagey in other interviews on whether she plans to run again in 2024.

She told the Financial Times that another campaign is “out of the question” though that assessment was based on President Biden’s intentions.

“[Biden] certainly intends to run,” she said. “It would be very disruptive to challenge that.”

But Biden, despite insistence that he is running in 2024, is not a shoo-in, as he’d be closer to 90 years of age by the end of a second term than he would be to 80.

Clinton, during her interview with CBS, made it clear that speaking out on political matters will remain a priority.

On the matter of the Supreme Court, Hillary launched a personal attack against Justice Clarence Thomas, saying she has always known him to be an “angry” man and a “person of grievance.”

On the YouGov poll on the popularity of politicians in America, Clinton ranks 15th, well below Biden, former President George W. Bush, Trump, and even Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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