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Body Fat

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Body Fat

Body Fat (Image Credit: Pixabay)

Fat removal from the body is accomplished by liposuction method.
What is liposuction? It is a medical method that allows to get rid of stubborn fat that is disproportionately collected in the body and does not go with diet or sports without surgery. It would be correct to say non-surgical fat removal.

You should not forget that this method helps regional weakening, in other words, body contouring. It is not a weight loss method. This process can be done in more than one region at a time.
Complaints after liposuction are caused by the wrong doctor selection, attention should be paid to experience.

Which Areas Is Liposuction Applied?

This process is done in the region where the oils are concentrated. Whichever of your areas such as jowl, hip, chest, leg, abdomen, bagel area, back, arm, ankle, ear area you suffer from, the procedure is performed in that area.
The comments of those who have leg liposuction are in good direction.

Abdominal Fat Removal

Your doctor determines your treatment method according to your situation. Liposuction allows the removal of excess fat in the belly by entering the area with cannulae. It does not interfere with the skin.
Belly fat removal damages are sometimes mentioned as not working alone.

If there is a sagging in the skin, tummy tuck surgery or mini tummy tuck should be preferred.

Liposuction Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is the medical name for breast enlargement in men. If there is fat in the breast in men, the fat that is in phase is expelled from the body thanks to liposuction. Due to this discomfort, the number of men who have liposuction is increasing day by day.

If you are over the age of 18 and complain about this discomfort, the fatty tissue accumulated in the breast is removed by a special liposuction method. You should use a gynecomastia corset for about a month.

For more info : gynecomastia turkey 

Liposuction Jowl

It is a type of operation preferred by women and men, especially between the ages of 30 and 40. It is the only solution for jowl sagging. Due to the accumulation of fat under the chin, the jowl sags, the solution is reached by removing the excess fat. Over the age of 50, chin lift surgery is recommended.

Fat Removal from Leg

Fat removal from the leg is a procedure for leg contour.
The form of lipolysis we recommend to you is vaser lipolysis. Since the fat taken from the body in the form of this lipolysis is not damaged, it can be reused in an area where it is needed.

While the fat accumulated in the leg is removed with special cannulas, it is injected into the required area and the leg proportion is provided.

Fat Removal From The Arm

The arm area is one of the places most susceptible to lubrication. Arm exercises do not provide a solution to the sagging in the arm. The only solution is lipolysis.
When the process is over, the result can be reached immediately. It can be applied to anyone from the age of 18. There may be little pain, it will go away with painkillers. It is performed under general anesthesia.

Cheek Oil Removal

Its name in medicine is bichectomy. He can say that it is an operation started by Hollywood stars. Individuals with round, childlike facial features want to look more attractive as they get older. Sharp facial features are their preference.

This procedure promises us to remove the fat layer on the cheek and clarify the cheekbones.

Belden Fat Removal

Fat removal in back and waist aesthetics, which are popular by women, has become a very common operation. It is preferred in order to have a fast healing process and to wear the décolleté easily. It is very difficult for the oils in this area to melt with sports.
You can return to social life within 1 or 2 days, it is done with general anesthesia.

Fat removal from the butt Zty Health

Hip liposuction, which is a method used by all men and women, allows you to have a butt proportional to your body. Beauty is hidden in proportions. Your body and limbs need to be in proportion, whether they are too big or small.
Excess fat that is not taken may cause sagging of the butt over time.

Fat Removal Prices 2021 Turkey

Fat removal prices vary depending on the region to be removed, the doctor performing the procedure, the environment where the operation will be performed and the city. You can learn the correct information from your surgeon.


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As Zty Health family, we care about your health.
We are a health tourism company based in Istanbul / Turkey. For more detailed information and prices, you can contact our consultants on our whatsapp lines.

Vaser technique is used in liposuction procedures. In addition, all covid-19 measures are complied with.

Covid -19 test must be done before coming to Istanbul. The validity period of the test in Turkey is 5 days. If this period is exceeded, a covid-19 test should be done again before surgery.

You need to be in Istanbul for 5-8 days for liposuction surgeries. During this time, our assistants will meet all your needs. Hotel-accommodation service of our patients is provided by us. It is also picked up from the airport. Transfer to the hotel where you will stay is provided by a VIP vehicle.

Your transfers within Istanbul are also provided by us. A vip transfer vehicle is allocated when going to our clinic for hospital hotel transfer or control.
While these processes are going on, an assistant will always be with you along with you. An assistant who knows the language you use will always assist you.

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