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Why acting as gateman is my favourite role, says Ijebu

Why acting as gateman is my favourite role, says Ijebu

By Sampson Unamka

Popular actor Olatayo Amokade aka Ijebu has shared why acting as a gateman is his favourite movie role with his over 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

Amokade, in an Instagram interview, said the incessant change of costumes for other roles has endeared him more to the role of gateman in films. “I prefer acting as a gateman because I won’t get to change costumes but other roles will require me changing into different costumes from scene to scene, and at the end of the day, I would have ended up using all the clothes in my car boot. But playing a gateman role, I don’t need to change clothes, I just have to welcome the owner of the house when he or she returns and carry their bag into the house and then continue with the same costume.”

The 42-year-old, however, noted that he had lost count of the number of movies he had acted in playing the role as it has been his favorite role.

Amokade, who is famous for speaking in the Ijebu dialect of the Yoruba language, named Tunde Usman aka Okele as the favourite colleague he loves to work with. He says they always have a good laugh every time they act together, hence, his preference for always wanting to act alongside him on a movie set.

Ijebu who was a personal assistant to Olaniyi Afonja aka Sanyeri before he made it to the limelight recounted his journey saying, “Initially my parents did not know I wanted to go into theatre art, I left home and later moved in with my siblings. I was never hungry, all my family members are very okay. Although I was working as a driver for my elder brother, I realised I couldn’t cope being a driver all my life, so I left my brother’s place and left to Sanyeri’s place, and he asked if I would love to join the movie crew and I said yes so he said I could stay with him. And since then I have been going from one location to another and that was it for me.”

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