Friday , June 2 2023
Why people enjoy choking during s*x

Why people enjoy choking during s*x

Choking is a sexual kink and many people enjoy this kink. Here’s why.

Sexual asphyxiation is the act of choking during sex and it’s enjoyed by many for the following reasons.

The pressure around the neck restricts blood flow which causes blood to stop flowing into the brain. Due to the decrease in oxygen levels and rise in carbon dioxide, a person feels dizzy.

But as the pressure is lifted and the blood and oxygen start to flow once more, they might experience another kind of thrill, a release of dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins which increases pleasure.

Choking immediately adds an overt power dynamic to a sexual encounter. You have the power to suffocate or choke your partner since you are in control, or you can be controlled and submissive. This dynamic adds a second level of sexual excitement.

If you don’t take the necessary safety measures, it could become fatal and result in life-threatening injuries like cardiac arrest and brain damage. According to estimates, erotic asphyxiation kills 250-1000 people in the US every year.

  • Ask for consent.
  • Don’t choke anyone with heart and breathing problems.
  • Don’t grip the throat tightly, hold their throat loosely concentrating on the side not the middle.
  • Only use seconds to choke, not minutes.
  • Have a safe word or sign for when to stop.

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