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Why Titus & Prosper from Flatmates deserve to win best Friends Award

Why Titus & Prosper from Flatmates deserve to win best Friends Award

However, this entertaining show cannot be complete without the hilarious acts of two best friends, Prosper the gateman and Titus the barber.

In this read, we’re highlighting four awesome moments where the two convinced us that their friendship deserves the award for best friends of all time.

They Share in Each Other’s Successes

Through every win, and even the losses, this duo are fully prepared to share all of life’s moments together. The one time Prosper thought the landlord had made a sudden increase to his salary, he was sure to invite Titus to join him for a feast.

They Get In Trouble Together

These two teach us a very important lesson – that life is more fun when you have someone beside you to get in and out of trouble with. Titus and Prosper never run out of terrible ideas to inspire each other with, and when such lands them in trouble, they both go through it together!

They Support Each Other’s Dreams

A friend is someone who stands by you and believes in you no matter how crazy your dream sounds. And there’s no more perfect example than how Prosper and Titus were cheering each other on towards their ambitions for winning the “World Book Record” for drinking and “cutting head”.

They Fight Over The Silliest Things

What’s a friendship with wasting some of your time arguing over the silliest and most irrelevant topics of your lives? Titus and Prosper will argue over anything and one of our favourite moments is when they couldn’t seem to agree on whether it was better to drink alcohol on an empty stomach or to eat before getting drunk.

Whether the two agree or not, one thing’s for sure – their friendship will never stop making us laugh and we’ll always be rooting for both of them.

On My Flatmates, there are endless moments for comedy, excitement and pure fun. You can follow not only the crazy adventures of Titus and Prosper but also the hilarious lives of all the other amazing characters that make the show one of a kind.

My Flatmates currently streams on Showmax with new episodes released every Monday.

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