Thursday , June 1 2023
Will Pete Edochie play Satan in C.O.L.D movie? Here's the official trailer

Will Pete Edochie play Satan in C.O.L.D movie? Here’s the official trailer

While the film’s plot is yet to be made public, the trailer hints on the thriller retelling the story of the eccentric biblical character. “I am the Son of the morning, full of wisdom rich in beauty…I command the celestial choir because I write all the songs but how has humanity portrayed me but a monster with horns and a long barbed tail,” Edochie says in a creepy monologue featured in the trailer.

According to Thomas who doubles as Producer, the film is an adaptation of a book published in the United States. He revealed in a social media post that several Hollywood production companies sought to acquire the rights to the book but its author turned down the offers.

“I’m supper excited that I was chosen by God to have told this story. Never made a film of this magnitude in my life and I count it a privileged. It was a massive work put in here by the cast and the crew of this movie.

“Being an adaptation of a book that was published in the United States 🇺🇸, 4 different Hollywood film Companies tried to acquire the rights of the book to make a movie from it and the Author refused,” Thomas wrote on Instagram.

C.O.L.D stars an impressive list of Nollywood veterans including Richard Mofe Damijo who stars in the lead role as a religious leader, Hilda Dokubo, Ireti Doyle, Kanayo o. Kanayo, Keppy Ekpenyong with IK Ogbonna and Freddie George.

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