Friday , May 20 2022
Young professionals buy PDP presidential nomination form for Peter Obi

Young professionals buy PDP presidential nomination form for Peter Obi

The leader of the group, Ekene Nwakuche, told journalists after obtaining the forms, that they were young professionals who were concerned about the development of the country.

“We don’t belong to any political party. We are just a group of young Nigerian professionals that feel concerned about the way the country is going.

“The country is not going in the right direction and we need someone, a technocrat, a seasoned technocrat that can steer the affairs of the country in the right direction, and cut down the cost of governance.

“We believe that if we cut down the cost of governance, that the country will move in the right direction.

“We are different individuals in the group, professionals, businessmen, public servants, different category of contractors, artisans, we have members from everywhere in Nigeria, we’re fully represented,” Nwakuche said.

The group leader said they believed Obi could steer Nigeria forward because they believe in him having seen what he did when he was Anambra state governor.

“We have heard him talk, he has the wealth of experience to lead Nigeria to the promised land,” Nwakuche said.

He said that the decision was not for any gain but for the sake of their children, saying “if we do not get it right in 2023, I don’t know where we will be”.

Nwakuche, said any Nigerian that want better Nigeria had no other person to support than Peter Obi.

“We pray that the PDP will support him and by the grace of God we pray that he will scale through the primaries and fly the flag of the PDP.

“There are other groups here that joined us too like another nonpartisan group called Take Back Nigeria, and different groups.

“They want a better Nigeria. They believe that no other person can do it for us than Peter Obi.

“The Take Back Nigeria group say they will bring 10 million votes, for the PDP if Peter Obi emerges its flag bearer.

“So, if PDP gets it right and pick Peter, we know that we will deliver Nigeria to you. And we pray that he will lead us to the promised land.

“The Nigerian dream we are all looking for can be achievable and the only person that we believe that can give us the Nigerian dream is no other person than Peter Obi,” he said.

Earlier, Dr Kingsley Udey, popularly known as Okaibe, also obtained the party nomination and expression of interest forms for Enugu State governorship election.

Udey, who said he was well prepared for the job added that he was the best man for the job.

“I thank everyone that believe in my capability not only encourage me to buy the forms, but also win the election and usher in the golden age in Enugu State.

“I am the best man for the job because I am fully prepared by the incumbent governor and the people of the society.

“I am a bridged between the young and the old. I will empower the young and take care of the old.

“I am well prepared to offer modern leadership. We are coming with a vision that every stakeholders of the state have already say yes to,” Udey said.

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