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YouTube sensation, Korty EO talks discovering self through video content creation

YouTube sensation, Korty EO talks discovering self through video content creation

The social influencer and filmmaker has been described as one of the fastest growing Nigerian YouTubers.

In just six months, new kid on the block, Korty EO has hit 50k plus subscribers on YouTube, a feat that has taken others years to achieve.

The Nigerian YouTube sensation appears to have grown overnight, even though she vehemently disagrees. Her growth in such a short time, the quality and themes of her videos have positioned her as one of the video content creators to look out for.

So who is Korty? The young creative describes herself as an Indie filmmaker who enjoys letting people into her world and experiences through video content. Her viral video on leaving home at 22 is till date one of her fan-favourite videos for its relatability. It currently has over 200k views.

“People who know me or have been following my Instagram stories for a while know I am very expressive”, says Korty in an interview with Pulse. Her creative process, she reveals, is sometimes impulsive or requiring detailed planning and presentation. “My spontaneous videos are the ones that do so well. But, you can always find a pattern to that spontaneity.”

Interestingly, Korty is much more than a creative thinker and she expresses this through her videos which she singlehandedly films and edits. “God gave me a gift and I am still learning how to make it better,” Korty shares on how she learnt to create video content.

Korty’s self-taught skills and her curiosity to be more are admirable, a quality that makes her stand out of the crowd and endears her to thousands of video content lovers. But before the growing fame, she admits she was not sure she wanted to do YouTube. After years of advice from well meaning friends, she succumbed, kickstarted a YouTube channel and has not looked back since them.

Citing one of the challenges she faced as a newbie, she recounts when she had to reach out to Twitter users one by one, begging for their subscriptions.

The future appears bright for Korty and her passion and in a few years, she hopes to make money from her content.

Watch the full Pulse interview:

Korty’s journey to starting and growing her YouTube channel | Pulse One on One

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