10 statements every man wishes to hear in bed

10 statements every man wishes to hear in bed

Pleasing a woman in bed is etched on every man’s brain and even the best ones in bed are still insecure. So, they need to hear certain things in order to get over their insecurities.

Well, we spoke to a few men about what would drive them absolutely crazy (in a good way) in bed, and here are the ten top things a woman can say to get the best out of her man.

Communicating to him what you like is the easiest way to get the best out of him. When you whisper or moan that what he is doing feels absolutely great, it only serves to show him that he is on the right track. Good old gratitude and its benefits, really.

Okay, that tends to cause men to pump even harder, which leads to the end. But the truth is, it turns a man on like you won’t believe. This statement communicates that he is doing exactly what makes you happy.

Studies have shown (okay, social media posts have shown) that many men are not good at kissing, apparently. Telling him he is good communicates to him that he is on the right track. Apart from that, it also helps heat things up since your man will definitely try to kiss better by making it that much more intense.

That primal growl of need is something that men love. The desperation in your voice for him to take you to another level of ecstasy is definitely something a man would love to hear. Add a bit of urgency to your voice and watch your partner want a lot more than foreplay.

Men love it when their women call out their names in the throes of passion. This is because they tend to feel encouraged about the fact that they are making you feel pleasure. Believe it or not, men need to be reassured that they are performing well, and communication is the key. So shout, moan or simply whisper his name into his ear and watch the passion soar.

Okay, this is not a statement, but still… While this is supposed to be embarrassing, most men wouldn’t mind strutting that kind of reputation around; that he almost killed you. Haha. Learn to moan, my friend. Loudly.

Find something to focus your positive vibes on and tell him it was amazing whether after the act or even during. It all comes down to gratitude birthing more good things for you. Let’s all agree that women hold the key to a lot of action in bed.

Any man who is so lucky to have ever heard this from a woman will tell you they had the best sex ever. If you say this, any man will feel like you are inexperienced, which is equivalent to a big win on his part. It makes the man feel like a knight in shining armour.

If only men had a dollar for every time they wished you said this, they’d be millionaires. Although men hate to think that you are not a virgin, this line is often great to bolster a man’s ego. Knowing that he is much better than the rest adds to the feeling that he is perfect and can make him feel even more pleasure.

Men barely ever allow other men to see them naked, and they hate to look at their fellow men naked compared to women. That is why men hate sharing a bed with a fellow man, also in comparison to women. This explains why most men don’t know how big they are compared to other men. But they would love to learn that they are the biggest. So, you saying it to him will earn you lots of favours.

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