3 reasons why you should learn how to swim

3 reasons why you should learn how to swim

If you haven’t thought of it here’s why you should consider it;

1. It’s a survival skill; especially when you live in Accra, the floods should be enough motivation to make you want to know how to survive in water. Sometimes it takes just two hours of heavy downpour and a pool is already formed.

Now you don’t need to go to the beach or pool in order to swim, the pool is formed in our homes after a short rain.

2. It’s a fun way to exercise; maybe you don’t like to jog or skip and lift weights but you do want to get in shape or lose some weight. Maybe the dieting isn’t giving you the desired results or your wallet doesn’t support the kind of food you want to eat to lose weight. So why don’t you take some swimming lessons?

I mean depending on the place it’s cheaper than gym registration and though you may be scared of the water after one or two lessons you will realize how fun and interesting it can be. Get those muscles toned and lose that belly fat by just moving around in the water.

3. You could earn money; you may be considering a part-time job or something to do that will be worth your while. Then why don’t you consider learning how to swim? No skill is useless you can always teach it to others at a fee.

That could be a way to earn you some weekend money or some pocket allowances because I repeat no skill is useless it will surprise you with the number of people who also want to learn.

So don’t waste much time if you’re seeing this post this is your cue to register and start buying your swimsuits and glasses who knows you might even win a medal for your country!

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