5 hygienic practices Nigerian men should take more seriously

5 hygienic practices Nigerian men should take more seriously

Welcome to Grooming 101 class by Pulse, guys. Here are 5 hygienic things you absolutely need need to take more seriously.

There is a type of musky that is sexy, but I assure you, Nnamdi, that it’s not the smell from your unshaved armpits. If you want to smell musky for your babe, there are deodorants, roll-ons and perfumes you can use to achieve that.

Please shave your armpits regularly, guys. There is no Balon D’Odor award anywhere for the person with the most pungent smell.

I’ve once heard a babe say Nigerian men that shave are as rare as Nigerian men that don’t lie or cheat. Actually, that analogy is a little flawed because Nigerian men don’t lie or cheat. But you get the point she was trying to shame you with. And I hope that shame will push you to act.

Bro, buy a damned shaving stick and use it on your pubic hair. Mind you, no matter how long it is, you can never use it for Ghana weaving. So why the hell are you growing it that long? If you babe like a little hair there – some of them actually do – then get scissors or something and trim it close. REGULARLY!

While we’re on that topic, guys, try to wash your ball sac. Wash it with sponge soap and water. otherwise, it gets sweaty, sticky and smelly. You’re only going to be killing your babes with a musty smell if you don’t.

Sha don’t be asking anyone for oral sex so you won’t have a dead body in your house.

4. Change your underwear daily

Bayo, why are you wearing your boxers for one whole week? Why, Bayo?!

And in the name of all you hold dear, please, clean up nicely after doing number 2. We heard some of you like leaving skid marks on your underwear. Ewww.

And can you just imagine this as well?

Abass, you sef think am: does it make any sense to let the sweat from pumping all those iron bars dry on your body?

So what the hell are you doing not bathing right after working out, bruh?

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