Tuesday , March 28 2023
5 reasons you hate how you look

5 reasons you hate how you look

It is so common that many Instagram vendors sell lotions and pills that can help you increase breast size and penis size, not to mention the prevalence of plastic surgery.

Here are some reasons some people hate their bodies:

This is a mental disorder that causes you to worry about the perceived flaws in your body in such a very obstructive and obsessive way.

In extreme cases, a person with body dysmorphia might consider committing suicide, but it generally leads to obsessively trying to fix their flaws.

When you feel like you do not fit into society’s standards, it is easy to hate your body.

Every culture and society has its interpretation of a beautiful body and face. In Nigeria, the ideal shape has appropriate fat but is not obese.

Constantly comparing yourself with how great people look online can cause poor body image.

We are bombarded with images of perfect bodies and faces on Instagram, Facebook, television shows, and everywhere.

Not only do we desire these kinds of bodies but other people when finding a mate look for these physical qualities in their partners, so it becomes imperative to have such a body to be desirable.

Maybe you had a parent or relative complain about your body, constantly telling you that you are too thin or too fat, your breasts are too big or your forehead is too large. This negative talk we listened to as kids affect us much later in life.

Some relationships can be detrimental to our self-worth and self-esteem. Being with someone who calls you fat or skinny or makes fun of your insecurities can make you hate your body.

Sometimes, it can come from a place of love but it is hurtful when the person you are in love with doesn’t think your body is good enough.

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