Adam Kinzinger talks to Jim Acosta about Trump on CNN.

Adam Kinzinger Drops A Ton Of Reality On Republicans And Trump

Former Rep. Adam Kinzinger laid out for Republicans why Trump is not a victim of the Biden Department of Justice.

Kinzinger told CNN’s Jim Acosta:

You know, I’ve tried to grapple with, you know, does truth for some of these folks matter? You know, do they care what the truth is or not? I think most Americans do. There may be a certain group in the base that doesn’t.

But here’s the truth. Donald Trump is not a victim of Joe Biden’s Department of Justice. Donald Trump is a victim of launching an insurrection on January 6th, of trying to hide classified documents that frankly DOJ gave him ample opportunity to return, of paying hush money, of, you know, all this kind of stuff that he’s on trial for is his own doing. So to say you’re going to come in, that’s how banana republics are made. When you just simply prosecute the last administration because you’re ticked off.

Look, it is very dangerous to go after the last administration unless we have what we had over the last few years. In that case, I think it’s more dangerous for the country to not go after the last president that attempted a coup.

All you have to do, Jim — and you know this well — is look at the comments from people like Kevin McCarthy after January 6th. Look at the comments from all these people that say what he did was impeachable, what he did is beyond the pale. They may change what they’re saying now, but they haven’t changed the facts of what happened a few years ago.


Kinzinger was correct. Most Americans do care about the truth. I would argue that most Trump’s true believers do not. Those people are still a minority of the country. What is happening now is that Donald Trump is attempting to use grievance politics and lies to convince at least majority of the states needed to give him 270 Electoral College votes to return him to power.

Trump is very dangerous and no one should assume that he is joking. Trump is known for his lack of a sense of humor. Donald Trump is not joking about ending democracy or coming after journalists.

When Donald Trump talks about being a dictator, he should be taken seriously.

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