President Biden addresses the nation from the Oval Office

Biden Announces US Will Air Drop Humanitarian Aid In Gaza

President Biden announced that the US will be air dropping aid to the starving citizens of Gaza in the coming days.

Biden said:

Also we’re going to discuss the Middle East and yesterday’s tragic and alarming event in north Gaza, trying to get humanitarian assistance in there.

And the loss of life is heartbreaking. People are so desperate that innocent people got caught in a terrible war unable to feed their families and you saw the response when they tried to get aid in.

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And we need to do more and the United States will do more.

In the coming days, we are going to join with our friends in Jordan and others in providing airdrops of additional food and supplies into Ukraine (Gaza) and seek to continue to open up other avenues into Ukraine, (Gaza) including the possibility of a marine corridor to deliver large amounts of humanitarian assistance.

In addition to expanding deliveries by land, as I said, we’re going to insist that Israel facilitate more trucks and more routes to get more and more people the help they need. No excuses, because the truth is aid flowing to Gaza is nowhere nearly enough now — it’s nowhere nearly enough. Innocent lives are on the line and children’s lives are on the line.

We should be getting hundreds of trucks in, not just several. And I won’t stand by, we won’t let up and we’re… trying to pull out every stop we can to get more assistance in.

Hopefully we will know shortly…. We are trying to work out a deal between Israel and Hamas — the hostages being returned and the immediate ceasefire in Gaza for at least the next six weeks, and to allow the surge of aid to the entire Gaza Strip, not just the south.

Biden had Ukraine on his mind as the Italian Prime Minister was in the Oval Office to meet with him about Ukraine.

President Biden is keeping his word and taking more assertive action to get humanitarian aid into Gaza. This action combined with the President putting restrictions on aid to Israel and making the aid conditional based on Israel complying with human rights laws represents a turning point.

Once the ceasefire takes effect hopefully soon, the US should play a central role in getting aid to Gaza.

The political sentiment seems to be shifting, as the US must do every in its power to help the people of Gaza.

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