President Biden and Fulton County DA Fani Willis.

Biden May Get Trump Convicted In Georgia By Giving Former DOJ Officials Permission To Testify

Fulton County, GA, prosecutor Fani Willis has released her witness list and it includes several former Trump DOJ officials that Biden will likely allow to testify against Trump.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported:

Among the names prosecutors have included on their almost 200-person witness list: former Vice President Mike Pence; ex-Attorney General Bill Barr; onetime Justice Department officials Jeffrey Rosen and Richard Donoghue; U.S. Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania; and Steve Bannon, the conservative provocateur and former aide to former President Donald Trump.

Former top Justice Department officials Barr, Donoghue and Rosen also testified before the Jan. 6 congressional committee. They will likely need approval from the Biden Administration if they are to testify at the Fulton trial. An agency regulation says no current or former Justice Department employee may testify in response to a subpoena or court demand without obtaining prior approval by an appropriate department official.

Republicans will likely go ballistic and scream collusion once Biden gives the former DOJ officials permission to testify against Trump in Georgia, but to not do so could be viewed as the President interfering in the case against Trump by denying the prosecution witnesses that they intended to call.

By putting action behind his words that the law should apply to everyone equally, President Biden could ensure that both sides in the Georgia RICO case have access to the witnesses they need to make sure that Trump gets a fair trial.

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