Biden says data shows Israel did not hit Gaza hospital with rocket.

Biden Says Pentagon Data Shows Israel Wasn’t Behind Gaza Hospital Explosion

President Biden was asked by reporters in Israel how he knew Israel wasn’t behind the explosion at a Gaza hospital, and the President said that he had been shown data by the Pentagon.

From the White House Pool Report as provided to PoliticusUSA:

Flagging at the top here- POTUS was asked as pool was leaving what makes you sure Israel wasn’t behind explosion in Gaza?

He said, “The data I was shown by my defense department.”

Biden isn’t taking Israel’s word for it that they didn’t strike a hospital in Gaza with a rocket but said that the Department of Defense provided him with evidence that it wasn’t Israel.


A third-party independent investigation will certainly be necessary to determine what caused the deadly missile to kill hundreds of people at a Gaza hospital.

Rachel Maddow suggested during an MSNBC appearance on Tuesday that the US has a role to play in that investigation:

This is a total fog of war situation that actors on social media are using to spread potential misinformation. The Department of Defense has better information on the hospital than any other organization in the world. The United States has been both supporting Israel against Hamas and trying to protect civilian lives in Gaza.

No one wants to see needless deaths and innocent people harmed, and the truth about what happened to the hospital in Gaza is important because the events are being used to inflame tensions that could possibly expand the war.

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