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BIGGHAIR - The very first Vietnamese hair extensions office and store in Lagos, Nigeria

BIGGHAIR – The very first Vietnamese hair extensions office and store in Lagos, Nigeria

This is a turning point in a long-term strategy by the company to spread the brand and become one of the largest hairdressing companies globally within the next ten years.

Open the first store in Nigeria

With the desire that lovely customers can purchase more conveniently, we pioneered the opening of the first store in Nigeria. Although it would say that this change is a bold step, BigG is determined to take it. We are proud of ourselves when we are the first company in Vietnam that located an office in Nigeria. Overcome serious difficulties from the location, trade representative, or government policies; a store opened in early 2022. The position of the store is in the Lagos capital, particularly convenient to look for.

Compared to the previously complicated purchasing process, we have made it faster and easier from now on by opening a naira account. You no longer have to deal with the common problems of customers when buying Vietnamese hair products. Do not waste too much time eventually 1-2 months to lead time and shipping, no get in touch with the agency for money transfer or exchange rate. You simply visit the store, check goods, and do payments directly by naira without going through any intermediaries. Not only is going to shop convenient but also saves your time and money.

Moreover, we also built a warehouse that always is available over 300 kilograms with plenty of models and sizes to meet any customer requirements. The customers can feel free when going directly store to check and take in goods in the Lagos area. If the clients are in another zone, the product will be fastly delivered from our office.

As you know that trust is the most precious and difficult to reach, we believe that building a transaction office and opening a naira account is the best way to get the faith of customers. When trust is reinforced strongly, we can become long-term partners and cooperate mutually for development. BigG is the only company in Vietnam that can do it at this time and we have the right to dream about the prosperous growth of the company in Nigeria.

Research and innovate to create new products

A bad hair day will take your whole day, both literally and figuratively. Hence, having a good look with silky hair is one of the first things to start a new day. By empathy with the clients’ anxiety, BigG is aware of the mission of bringing top-quality Vietnamese hair to customers. We hope that BigG can play a noticeable role in honoring the beauty of Nigerian women.

All things are difficult before they are easy, BigG has spent a lot of time surveying, testing, and developing new products to figure out trending product lines that best suit the tastes of consumers in Nigeria. At first, we tried to progress with super double-drawn products which were extremely thick at the bottom as well as single and double drawn that were suitable for almost all individuals. After that, we realized that 80 percent of women in Nigeria prefer bone straight hair. We immediately put into research technology and focused on perfecting the product. However, we struggled with hair problems during a testing time when bone straight hair requires high technique and must get super straight silky standard. After improving times, we are confident that our product became a perfect appropriate for this market.

Besides, 26 other textures are also designed to meet all requirements of clients. Especially to match with bundles, we launch closure/frontal lines 2×4, 2×6, 13×2, and 4×4 in various sizes and styles. Customers can freely come to the store to choose the most suitable product. we believe that undergoing many times of testing and innovation, our products will satisfy all the most fastidious customers.

To have a dramatic change that makes BigG different from other vendors, 18 colors were researched to diversity a customer’s choosing. These are the trending colors on the market from dark to more vibrant such as pink, red, orange, blue or green, etc. Customers can go for texture, length, or colors as well for their hair easier from our catalog.

Reasonable price with the top-notch hair quality

To gain products with competitive prices and sustainable quality, BiG has stepped up investment in building its factory. Our hair plant was located in remote areas in North Vietnam, modern machinery and equipment were directly imported from Europe and well-trained experienced workers. We try our best to reduce expenses to get a reasonable price but not degrade the quality of products. So we are confident that BigG is one of the hair suppliers at the best prices.

Besides retail clients, a large percentage of our sales come from hair vendors. We have different levels of prices and clients intending to encourage friendly relations between customers and vendors. If you purchase with big order or become our long-term partnership, which means you will save more when you buy. Making a profit is essential, but it is not the priority. We have a lot more to care about and we are doing our best to make policies that could be the most beneficial to both clients and ourselves.

If you need any information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Nigeria office address: 6 Ome close, Canal view layout, off Osolo way, Ajao Estate, Isolo via Airport Rd, Lagos

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