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Broncos Trade Into Top-10 In Latest Mock Draft From The Athletic

JJ McCarthy has been one of the big risers when it comes to draft stock in the recent weeks. Caleb Williams and Drake Maye have long been considered the undisputed top-2 prospects, with Williams being called a can’t-miss prospect by many. But there is an apparently increased interest in Michigan’s McCarthy, who is being projected as a top-10 pick in many mock drafts. And in their latest mock draft, the Athletic has the Broncos trading up for him.

Broncos Trade Up For McCarthy in The Athletic’s Mock Draft

A collaboration between beat writers from The Athletic, representing the different NFL teams, made up a full first round mock draft for the 2024 selection process. It has Williams going first overall to the Bears, and the Commanders making perhaps a surprise move and selecting Jayden Daniels at #2. Drake Maye goes to the Vikings with the 3rd pick after they trade up with the Patriots.

Three wide receivers in a row are selected in the mock, followed by an offensive tackle taken by the Titans at #7.

And then, the Athletic predicts the Broncos will make their move. The Atlanta Falcons are currently the rightful owners of the 8th overall selection, but have already made their move at quarterback by signing Kirk Cousins. They have a solid group of wide receivers with high upside, so it is unlikely that they pick a pass catcher at the spot.

Falcons Can Load Up On Picks If They Move Down

Moving down and picking up a handful of more picks might be the way to go for Atlanta. And if they do, it could be the Broncos that come calling. Denver is in desperate need of young quarterback talent with only Jarrett Stidham on the current roster, but are sitting with the 12th pick and out of range to select one of the elite prospects.

While they may not be moving up into the top-3, some believe that they’ll make a trade with the Falcons. The Athletic predicts that the Broncos will send the 12th pick, their 3rd rounder (76th overall), and a second-rounder in 2025 in exchange for the 8th overall. In that spot, they will draft JJ McCarthy.

Denver has plenty of holes to fill this off-season, as upgrades are needed all over the roster. Will they be willing to sacrifice some of their capital in order to nab one of the quarterbacks that has only recently made a surge up the draft boards?

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