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Cardi B lashes out at her fans in profanity-laden rant following suggestion of reconciliation with husband Offset

Cardi B lashes out at her fans in profanity-laden rant following suggestion of reconciliation with husband Offset

Rapper Cardi B set the record straight following online speculation that suggested she reconciled with her estranged husband, Offset.


Cardi took to X on Friday, December 29, to shut down the claims after she was seen in New York with her ex one day before.


“Shut the f–k up,” Cardi shouted. “Did I say I was back together with somebody?! Did I say [sic] that?!” She further called out her fan base, claiming she doesn’t see anybody else “talking s–t” but her supporters. 


The mother-of-two also noted that Offset has not revealed whether or not they got back together either. “Did y’all heard [sic] that?” she asked listeners in the livestream. “Did I said [sic] it? Did he said [sic] it? No!” 


Earlier in the same livestream, Cardi threatened to delete her social media accounts due to online rumors about her marriage. “Shut the f*** up,” she yelled. “I’m about to delete my whole social media because y’all don’t shut the f*** up!”


The Grammy winner emphasized that it was Cardi B fan accounts that are creating the online drama. “My own f****** fan base,” the 31-year-old continued. “The last time I got dragged was because my f****** fan base. I don’t see nobody talking s*** but my own f****** fan base.” Before she went on to clarify that she has not revealed whether or not she’s reconciled with Offset, Cardi told fans to “leave” her “the f*** alone.” The Whipshots founder even threatened to “unfollow” her fans following the online drama.





Speculation that Cardi and Offset had reconciled emerged after a fan shared two separate photos with each of the respective musicians in New York City. “Luckyyyme [sic],” the fan captioned the two snapshots shared via Instagram Stories.


In one selfie, Cardi held up the peace sign and seemingly rocked a makeup-free face. Offset did not smile and simply held up prayer hands as he posed alongside the admirer.


Cardi confirmed that she had split from Offset during an Instagram Live earlier this month. She addressed claims her husband cheated on her with fellow rapper Chrisean Rock, to which she said she does not “think” so.


Cardi claimed her issues with Offset have been ongoing for a while and she looks forward to moving on. “I want to start 2024 fresh, open,” she continued. “I’m curious for a new life, a new beginning. I’m excited.”

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