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Cowherd: Steph Curry Passes Magic Johnson For Best PG Ever

Steph Curry is the talk of the sports world this Monday, and rightfully so after the Game 7 performance he put on yesterday. We’ve all been well aware of his greatness for years now, but he reminded us all that he’s still got it by dropped 50 points in an elimination contest.

Cowherd Says Steph Curry Has Passed Magic Johnson

The season and possibly the Golden State Warriors’ dynasty were on the line on Sunday afternoon. The team had just lost a potential elimination game to the Sacramento Kings, getting embarrassed on their home court and facing a tough Game 7 situation on the road. We know now that Curry gathered his troops the day before and gave a heart-felt speech that motivated his teammates, who were still reeling from the loss they had suffered the night before.

It might have been himself who he motivated the most, but it worked nonetheless. Steph Curry scored 50 points, the most in a deciding Game 7 in NBA Playoff history, ripping out the hearts of Sacramento fans and helping his team advance to the next round. He did so not only with his usual deadly outside shooting, but he was flipping in impossible floaters and scoop layups as well.

Twitter and social media were buzzing during Curry’s record-setting performance. He received praise not only from the fans and the media, but other players were left in shock and awe as well.

It continued on Monday. Most (if not all) of the morning sports shows led off with stories about Curry, and Colin Cowherd was no different.

In a 4+ minute monologue, Cowherd goes into detail about the greatness that he witnessed the day before, and made a proclamation for Curry passing Magic Johnson as the greatest point guard to ever play the game.

“Whether it’s a decoy, his movement, his skills, his ball handling. I’m going to take those points over Magic’s assists…Curry at 35 looks like he’s got 4-5 years left to dominate playoff series.”

Cowherd doesn’t just give the opinion without backing it up with some evidence. He never discredits Johnson in his rant, citing instead that the game has evolved and changed away from the one that Magic played, and that Curry is the perfect player for today’s game. He even cites Brett Favre as being a player that we forget was a gun-slinging interception thrower now that the NFL has changed into a more precision-passing league.

Steph Curry and his greatness were on full display on Sunday, and we’ll get to see him again soon. The Golden State Warriors will take on the Los Angeles Lakers in the second round of the NBA Playoffs, and that series begins on Tuesday night in San Francisco.

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