Thursday , August 11 2022
Davido posts Chioma on Instagram and hails her as the

Davido posts Chioma on Instagram and hails her as the “best chef in the world” (video)

@word, the title of olosho is what all you men in Nigeria give to woman period! Whether she’s married or not, cause the moment she does something you don’t like, that’s the title she’s given. The fact that you believe every woman who has sex and gets pregnant is olosho no matter the circumstances is a problem, since you want to generalise and not stick to topic. But as for Chioma and Davido, they know what they want and if she gives him ultimatum and he has said no, then that is not our business, doesn’t mean he can’t praise her food or they shouldn’t co parent well. I agree in a perfect world woman should wed before they carry but in the real world even good girls make mistakes. As for the men, stay strapped up! It’s not cute having 5 baby moms, even if you are a celebrity, no in fact it’s disgusting. Yes young ladies, protect yourselves, if he’s not strapping say no, don’t play yourself because he bought you shoe and bag or for love. ps I find it funny that you think a woman will make a sex video on her own, cause there is always a man with her who somehow always manages to make it leak. caution your naughty and disgusting brothers my friend.

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