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Euphoria: Four characters that are too good for the show

Euphoria: Four characters that are too good for the show

First of all, McKay is a college student who still rolls with high schoolers. That is one major reason he should be in a different company in the first place. However, McKay’s friendship with Season one’s big bad ‘Nate’ and rocky relationship with Cassie keep him in the show’s neon lights.

From McKay’s childhood, he had potential to make it into the NFL (Season one Episode six), but on getting to college after receiving a scholarship, he realizes his chances of going Pro are slim. Full of defeat and doubt, McKay weathers his new reality with the next reliable thing in his life; His high school friends. Nonetheless, McKay will have to wear his Big boy pants and realize they have nothing to offer him but parties and trouble so he can focus on getting his head back in the game and make himself proud.

Initially, Rue’s best friend, Lexi, is a natural sweetheart. Her overall warmth is a trait that has made her a favorite among the Euphoria fandom. However, Lexi struggles with stepping into her own identity and buries herself into the world of other character’s, especially Rue. Lexi assumes the mother role amongst her squad, and she feels the need to keep her friends in check. Yet, her constant self-denial is a concern. One that, thankfully, is finally being addressed.

In popular opinion, Lexi is the friend Rue deserves, not Jules.

Ethan and Kat are a cute couple on the surface, but a lot is off when you look closer. Ethan is often corny yet still a pure soul. However, the same can not be said for his girlfriend Kat, who connects him majorly to the entire storyline. Kat needs to resolve so much internal dissent that a sweet boy like Ethan deserves someone who will not treat him disposable.

Gia is Rue’s dear, supportive younger sister. She still looks up to Rue despite her addiction.

Being the first responder to Rue’s overdose, Gia has repressed trauma from that incident that is yet to be explored. And Ali intelligently confirms this when he asks Rue about her family during their bonding dialogues.

Gia and her single mother want a normal life, but with Rue’s addiction in the picture, normal seems impossible.

All episodes of Euphoria is streaming on HBO

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