Rainbow Bridge explosion

Fox News Forced To Retract Report That Rainbow Bridge Explosion Was A Terrorist Attack

Fox News reported that an explosion on the Rainbow Bridge US/Canada border was a terrorist attack, but they were later forced to retract their inaccurate reporting.

The original report and retraction:

Of course, none of this stopped MAGAs like Kari Lake from claiming that it was a terrorist attack and blaming President Biden:

As former Rep. Kinzinger pointed out, the same people who tell everyone that it is too to talk about guns after a mass shooting have no problem running with inaccurate reports about terrorist attacks and blaming the President Of The United States.

It was bad reporting by the Fox News reporter, but it is even worse that conservatives will continue to potentially perpetuate this false story as they try to do political damage to President Biden.

Fox News isn’t taken seriously as credible journalism because of incidents like this. The fact that Fox News left the inaccurate report on their website for such a long period of time fuels the belief that at Fox political ideology comes before facts.

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