Maria Bartiromo tries to blame the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse on the border.

Fox’s Maria Bartiromo Tries To Connect Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse To The Border

While interviewing Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL), Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo tried to connect the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore to the border.

Bartiromo said:

Let me also get your take on what’s going on in terms of world affairs. The White House has issued a statement on this saying that there’s no indication of the nefarious intent in the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The ship involved in the collapse of the bridge is 948 feet long called the Dolly, a Singaporean flag container.

But of course, you’ve been talking a lot about the potential for wrongdoing or potential for foul play given the wide open border. That is why you have been so adamant. Why has the Republicans had such a hard time securing this border? The president says he’s not going to take his executive action. You know that.

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Fox News only has one narrative for the 2024 election, and that is everything bad that happens is President Biden’s fault, and Biden’s border policies are to blame for it all.

The border has nothing to do with an accident where the container ship sent a distress signal as it was having issues before it hit the bridge. That distress signal and the quick action of official saved lives as they were able to keep people off of the bridge.

The FBI has said that there is no indication that the collapse of the bridge is related to terrorism. What happened in Baltimore appears to have been a horrible accident, but Fox News is never beneath exploiting a tragic event to push their fear-based narrative of border hysteria.

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