Israel-Hamas War: Hamas

Hamas’ security forces chief is killed along with some of his family in Israeli airstrike on their house

Israel-Hamas War: Hamas

The head of Hamas’s security forces has been killed along with members of his family in an Israeli airstrike on their house as Israel continued its bombardment to ‘destroy’ the terrorist group.


Jehad Mheisen, a key leader within Hamas, was killed in the airstrike on his home in Gaza, a Hamas-aligned news agency said, as the IDF continued to hit hundreds of targets across the enclave including tunnel shafts and command centres.

Israel has said it is attacking Hamas terrorists wherever they may be in Gaza, describing them as ‘dead men walking’, and accused the group’s leaders and fighters of taking shelter among the civilian population.


But Israel’s withering airstrikes have continued to obliterate entire neighbourhoods across the densely populated territory, leaving death and destruction in its wake.  


Today, the brutal bombardment pounded locations across the Gaza Strip, including parts of the south that Israel had declared ‘safe zones’.


In the nearly two weeks since Israel began its aerial bombardment in response to a devastating attack by Hamas terrorists that saw 1,300 people slaughtered, thousands of homes have been destroyed across the 25-mile enclave and 3,785 Palestinians killed, including 1,524 children.


Today’s bombardments came just hours after Israel agreed to allow Egypt to reopen its northern border with Gaza to allow desperately needed humanitarian aid to enter the war-torn enclave.

More than 200 trucks and some 3,000 tons of aid are now positioned at the Rafah crossing, Gaza’s only connection to Egypt, to deliver food, water, and medicine to the millions of civilians trapped there amid withering Israeli airstrikes.

But under the deal agreed by Egypt after intense talks with President Joe Biden yesterday, only 20 trucks with humanitarian aid will be allowed into the enclave from Friday at the earliest amid fears that Hamas will confiscate the supplies or use the deliveries as cover to bring in more weapons.


If Hamas terrorists do try to stop the much-needed aid from reaching Palestinian civilians, ‘it will stop’, President Biden said during his visit to Tel Aviv where he met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


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