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How to alleviate back pain when driving

How to alleviate back pain when driving

It’s important to have the correct sitting position. For example, if your car seat is too low or high, you could be placing pressure on specific areas of your spine, which will lead to back pain. The best way to know if you are sitting in the correct position is by checking to see if both feet are flat on the floor when sitting with your back against the car seat.

It would help if you also had a comfortable distance between you and the steering wheel. If not, use a rolled-up towel or cushion behind your lower back for extra support. When seated, check that your knees are level with or just above your hips, as this reduces pressure on muscles and ligaments around the knee joints. Ensure that headrests are adjusted, so they do not hurt your neck as you drive.

There is an old trick that athletes use to increase their range of motion and flexibility. It involves pulling your leg with one hand as far out in front of you as possible, then trying to reach your heel by grabbing it with the other hand on the opposite side. Do this for both legs. These kinds of exercises help you to reduce back pain and drive comfortably.

If you believe your body is not built properly or has a physical problem preventing you from driving a car, consider alternatives. For example, it might be worth learning how to drive a motorcycle instead, especially if you have experience driving them before.

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