Saturday , February 24 2024

I almost believed Emeka Ike?s wife until I remembered my own experience with my ex-wife – Daddy Freeze

My advice to men is,you don’t fight cunts with their own weapons because head or tail, in any social media showdown, they will win you hands down.The reasons are not far fetched.For example,public sentiments and emotions always favour them.For example,when Shakira rants against Pique,the brainless camel toes here and their shemale collaborators go on rage against men without hearing from the other side.On the other hand, when Emeka Ike or any other of the endangered species called man opens up,you will hear’hes being childish,let’s wait and hear from the other side’.So, as difficult as it is,I encourage fellow endangered men to keep their private woes off social media.Yes,I know that theere is a human desire to vent and tell one’s story but try and do it in privacy among trusted family, friends or professional counselors.To sum up, when it comes to emotional blackmail in the quest for public sympathy,YOU CAN”T BEAT CUNT.

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