I don't think it's right for a woman to look for apartment ? Landlord says single women should look for husbands and women in abusive marriages should endure to have a roof over their heads (video)

Total rubbish. Oga your advice is only for lazy women in abusive marriages. My dad told me to work hard and be rich as a woman, he says the reason, he never abused my Mum and treated her like a queen was because mum never depended on his money, mum was financially independent. Dad says men treat their financially independent wives with respect because they know, they have alternatives. They are every man’s dream. Happily, I have been married now for 20 years and I am 43 years old, my hubby never hits me or disrespects me, but the day he tries it, I will file for divorce without thinking twice, I don’t disrespect him either. I can afford anything I need, why will l stay in an abusive marriage?

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