“If you don't marry a woman who loves money, you'll die poor” woman says as her husband gifts her bundles of cash in hilarious video

"If you don

A woman has been filmed showering her husband with praise and prayers as he hands over bundles of cash to her.


In the video, the woman, a new mum, is seen carrying her baby in one arm as her husband approaches her with bundles of new Naira notes.


The woman exclaims in shock as her husband begins tearing the paper holding the cash together.


“Give it to me, you don’t need to stress yourself. Just give it to me like that,” she tells him.


“Don’t spray it, just give me the money.”


The husband obliges and begins giving her the cash, bundle by bundle.


Excited, the woman begins screaming, dancing and singing.


“I’m loyal to you sir,” she says, bowing, as she accepts the money.


“I am ever loyal sir. Over loyal sir. Sir. God bless you sir. Sir, I love you so much sir,” she says while the person filming laughs.


“If you don’t marry a woman who loves money, you’ll die poor,” the new mum says. “I love money.”


“God bless you, sir. Sir, let me help you tear the nylon,” the woman offers as her husband begins opening another bundle.


“Sir, we love you, sir. God bless you, sir. Sir, I’m loyal sir. Tuale, sir.”


She continues: “God bless you, sir. What do you want, Sir? Just tell me everything.”


Watch the hilarious video below.




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