"Ifeanyi is now the youngest boy with Audemars Piguet Watch" - Singer, Davido says as he 'buys' his 2-year-old son $320k luxury time piece  (video)

“Ifeanyi is now the youngest boy with Audemars Piguet Watch” – Singer, Davido says as he ‘buys’ his 2-year-old son $320k luxury time piece (video)

That’s the difference between black and white people. Africans are consumerist in nature. Africa’s total GDP is less than France’s. We are voracious consumers by default. All the stolen money by our leaders are usually spent on overpriced real estates, cars, clothes, jewelries and women in Dubai, London, NYC, LA and the Caribbean Islands. We are so stupid we steal our own resources and dump them with our colonialists for investments in their own land. In return, we are paid paltry interests on looted funds hidden in offshore accounts. Sometimes, we die and lose everything without our family members knowing anything about it. Bianca Ojukwu had a fantastic financial tutorial with Peter Obi in Texas about a suit some years ago. The difference between a pricey and cheap suit is the label. Remove this label from the watch and you could get the same thing from those itinerant malams selling cheap watches on the kerbs. Go to the US, the black community is notorious for wasting fortunes on sneakers, jewelries, car rims and designer clothes. Here in Nigeria, it’s the same thing. Even jobless people begging for 2k would go for designer’s if they hit the jackpot just to show off on the Gram. iPhone is produced in China under licence from Apple but you’d be hard pressed to see a typical Chinese buying the real iPhone. Instead they’d go for the immitation which looks and works exactly like the real one but at dirt cheap price. What the fuck is wrong with us as a people. It’s party galores everywhere this weekend but we are a nation of the poorest people on Earth. We simply play too much. Instead of producing, we’d rather waste time fucking endlessly and pretending to worship Allah. Sometimes, it’s hard not to agree with the whites who see us as monkeys and baboons coz we don’t think very deeply about things. Bill Gates has a single family house in Seattle despite being the world richest man for over 20 years. Elon Musk’s networth is currently $216bn but has just divested his real estate portfolio this year. He lives frugally in a $50k apartment right in the middle of his Space X company in Texas. His only expensive purchase is his jet which he uses to travel to business meetings. Other than that, his daily expense account is less than that of Dino Melaye; a notorious thug with no evidence of work. Elon has the potential to become the first Trillionaire in the history of mankind. What’s the point of wasting ₦132m on a useless, cheap looking time piece for a toddler that’s incapable of telling time? What’s Davido’s networth? $25m. According to Forbes, his father’s wealth as at 2021 was $900m approx. Even Otedola’s at $1.8bn would promptly check himself into an asylum instead of wasting such amount of money on a panda watch. Davido needs to realize that, fame is not a permanent thing and the music industry is so fickle; here today, gone tomorrow. He should calm down, save his money and invest intelligently on real estate. A time is coming when he’d lie down and reminisce on the ‘good ol’ days’. That’s after all the adulation from fans would have ceased. It’d all be like a dream

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