In 2024, make it a habit to go to your wife

In 2024, make it a habit to go to your wife's work place to see if your children resemble anyone she works with – Nigerian lawyer advises men

Dear readers, I have a relationship issues I need ur advice on.
I and my girlfriend been dating for like 5 months and I intend to marry her, She is 28 while am 40. The issue is whenever we have issues like me getting angry and shouting at her, she will not talk to me again until I specifically apologize. Even when I try to make amends by trying to initiate conversation she will be giving me cold shoulders until I “specifically” apologize.
Recently she requested for something which am not happy and I reacted angrily, I didn’t really shout at her or anything, I was just angry and for that she wasn’t talking to me, I’ll call her she will be talking to me anyhow.
After 4 days of this and failing to get us talking, I have to ask her if am not permitted to express myself in this relationship, like why do I have to get this kind of treatment every time we have issue, she was saying she don’t have time to talk about that now, that she don’t like the way I talk to her whenever am angry, that she she is busy she can’t talk now and we ended the call.
I expected her to call when she has time but this is the second day now and she is yet to call me or anything and I have decided I will not call her either purposely to know how much the relationship means to her.
My question is, is my decision ok?, am I risking the relationship?. Please not this is not about pride on my part, I just need a way to find out if she is serious about this relationship as much as I am.
Secondly, we currently leave in separate state, she is east and am in Lagos, just two months apart now.

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