It's unfair and evil. Resign so govt can employ new people – Nigerian man calls out health workers still collecting salaries after relocating abroad


One Ify Ounah, from Delta State has called out health workers who didn’t resign and are still collecting salaries after relocating abroad.


According to him, over 200 doctors and nurses relocated without resigning and are still collecting salaries, thereby denying other people job opportunities. 


He also accused heads of medical institutions of aiding the fraud. 


“Please if you have relocated abroad, resign so that the govt can employ new people. This thing you people are doing isn’t fair. You can’t be receiving salary you didn’t work for. It’s evil,” he wrote. 


“Our people in Delta are doing it a lot. Over 200 doctor/ nurses relocated without resigning. It’s not fair. They are collecting salaries and denying people who need the jobs their fair share.” 


Recall that in March 2024, the Minister of State for Health, Dr. Tunji Alausa,  said that the Federal Government had directed that health workers going abroad to seek greener pastures must henceforth resign their appointments. 


Alausa said the era of health workers exiting to other countries in search of better offers after applying for a leave of absence is no longer acceptable.


The minister said that the ban on the leave of absence for health workers emanated from the executive order issued by President Bola Tinubu as part of drastic steps to combat the challenge of brain drain fondly called ‘Japa Syndrome’ confronting the nation’s health sector.


“Again, we didn’t say anyone who wants to move or japa to the UK or Australia to take up appointments there should not go, it is a free world. However, you cannot eat your cake and have it. If you are going, just resign your appointments with the Federal Government, rather than applying for leave of absence, that is the Presidential executive order that has been communicated to all the Chief Medical Directors of Federal Government-owned health facilities to implement,” he said. 


“The problem with the leave of absence is that such a fellow is out there in the UK or Australia working, making money but his name still appears on the payment roll of the government and so to replace him is difficult because he is still being considered as a staff whereas he has left the country.


“So, to solve this problem, the President has directed that health workers going abroad to work should just resign their appointments and not apply for leave of absence. This way, you won’t be blocking others who want to work and of course piling burdens for your colleagues that you left behind.”




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