Friday , February 23 2024
Jack Smith 4 Special Counsel Jack Smith is seeking a protective order that would limit what Trump can say and how he can view discovery materials related to his 1/6 case.

Jack Smith Beats Trump As Appeals Court Rules For Special Counsel In Twitter Case

An appeals court ruled that Special Counsel Jack Smith can have access to Donald Trump’s private Twitter communications.

Politico reported:

A federal appeals court won’t reconsider a ruling that allowed special counsel Jack Smith to access private communications from Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

The four conservatives ultimately agreed with seven Democratic-appointed judges on the court that the earlier decision of the three-judge panel — which upheld a $350,000 contempt fine against Twitter — should not be revisited by the full bench of the appeals court. Indeed, despite the lengthy exposition on the merits of executive privilege, no D.C. Circuit judge even called for a vote on rehearing the case by the full bench.

It is revealing that none of the judges who heard the case called on the full bench to hear it.

Trump and Elon Musk have tried to keep Trump’s Twitter communications out of the hands of Special Counsel Smith, but investigators have had the data for months, and the Special Counsel has a ton of data on Trump including private messages, location, and drafts of tweets that Trump wrote.

Since Trump loved his Twitter account and was addicted to it, federal prosecutors have a treasure trove of information on the former president’s activities after the election and through the 1/6 attack.

Jack Smith has been building a detailed case against Trump, and the Twitter data is a piece of the puzzle that could debunk many of Trump’s false claims about his own movements and behavior.

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