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Jared Kushner And Ivanka Trump Have Gone To Israel To Bring Peace

Jared Kushner posted that he and his wife, Ivanka Trump, have gone to Israel to meet with political leaders to pursue peaceful solutions.

Kushner wrote on Twitter:

Ivanka and I traveled to Israel to bear witness.

It’s important to see with one’s own eyes the lingering effects of the barbaric and unspeakable acts of October 7.

We met with families of those that were kindnapped, including some still in Gaza. We met with several political leaders who are committed to building lasting solutions to intractable problems. With determination, trust, pragmatism and creativity, the previously unthinkable can be accomplished.

We will pray that the coalition for peace, prosperity, respect and understanding will prevail and create a bright and exciting future for humanity.

Kushner’s post:

Fear not world. Corruption Barbie and Saudi Blood Money Ken have arrived in Israel to pursue peace, which is odd because Donald Trump had been claiming for years that peace in the Middle East is easy, and Kushner already did it.

The political gesture by Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner is especially hollow as the Biden administration has been working hard on and delivering movement toward peace, which includes hostage releases and ceasefires.

While Democrats pursue real peace, the Trump family shows up for photo ops. Jared Kushner had years in the White House to pursue peace in the Middle East, but it appears that all he did was line his pockets with billions of dollars from Saudi Arabia.

The Trump family only shows up somewhere for political reasons or if there is money to be made.

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