Jesse Watters: A Grown Man Should Not Be Licking Ice Cream In Public

Jesse Watters: A Grown Man Should Not Be Licking Ice Cream In Public

Joe Biden ate ice cream in public on Monday and his political opponents and right-wing media members have thoughts on that visual. Some have suggested grown men shouldn’t get ice cream, while others have suggested it was odd he answered questions while holding a cone. On Tuesday, Fox News‘ Jesse Watters took things even further when he claimed that no grown man should be licking ice cream in public.

Here’s video from Watters’ comments on The Five:

So, how else is he supposed to eat ice cream? Only at home and with a spoon? That’s patently ridiculous because ice cream is far better from an ice cream shop, and massively enhanced by the cone experience.

Watters’ comments also turned out to be a massive self-own because, dear reader, we’ve got photographic evidence of him violating his own stupid rule:


I’m a grown man who loves him some ice cream. When I take my nieces and nephews to get some, am I just not supposed to partake? Screw that, let’s be real, I’m going as much for me as them.

This is a ridiculous take, though we’ve become accustomed to those from Watters.

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