Jim Jordan threatens the FBI with investigation on Fox News

Jim Jordan’s Threats Against House Republicans Spectacularly Backfired

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) tried to threaten his way into becoming Speaker of the House, and his plan totally backfired.

Here are some tweets House Republican no Jordan voters who all talk about threats and intimidation:

Jim Jordan tried to pull a page out of Donald Trump’s playbook and threaten his way to the speakership. The problem for Jordan is that he isn’t running a political party that also functions as a cult. When Trump threatens House Republicans, it tends to work because he has the power to primary an incumbent and get them removed from their seat.

Rep. Jordan only has that sort of power in his imagination.

Jordan isn’t qualified to be Speaker. Rep. Jordan isn’t qualified to be the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee.

Members of the House don’t react well to bullying, threats, and intimidation. The best Speakers, like Nancy Pelosi, know how to manage all of the personalities in their caucus and keep them unified around common goals.

Does anyone know what the common goals are for this House Republican majority?

It seems that there are no common goals, which is why they can’t find a single qualified candidate who can be agreed upon as Speaker.

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