Tuesday , April 13 2021
Joe Biden Gives Kamala Harris A Big Assignment And Shows That He’s Got Her Back

Joe Biden Gives Kamala Harris A Big Assignment And Shows That He’s Got Her Back

President Biden showed the world that he has Vice President Harris’s back as he assigned her to lead the diplomatic response to Central American migration to the US.


President Biden said while announcing that VP Harris will lead the diplomatic effort on the Central American migration problem:

This new surge we’re dealing with now started with the last administration, but it’s our responsibility to deal with it humanely and to stop what’s happening. And so this increase has been consequential, but the vice president agrees, among the other multiple things I have her leading and I appreciate it, agreed to meet our diplomatic effort and work with those nations to accept the returnees and enhance migration enforcement at their borders. At their borders. We’re already talking to Mexico about that, she’s already done that.

We’re going to be dealing with a full team now that we have to be able to deal with the problem here at home, but also to deal with it now in terms of in-country. I can think of nobody who is better qualified to do this than a former — there is a woman who ran the second-largest attorney general’s office in America after the United States attorney general in the state of California and has done a great deal for human rights but fighting organized crime in the process.

The best thing we need to do is put someone where he or she speaks, they don’t have to wonder, is that where the president is? She doesn’t have to check with me, she knows what she’s doing. Madam vice president, thank you. I gave you a tough job. You’re smiling, but there is no one better capable of trying to organize it.

As Barack Obama’s vice president, Joe Biden was given important tasks and the autonomy to complete them. As President Biden is paying it forward and doing the same thing for his vice president Kamala Harris.

President Biden gave Vice President Harris the authority by telling the nation and the world that when the Vice President speaks on this issue, she speaks for me. If Kamala Harris is someday elected to be president, it is moments like this one that will be looked back upon as key to her rise.

Joe Biden is potentially helping his successor get ready to someday sit in the Oval Office.

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